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  • 23-Oct-2020 10:07 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What could go wrong in Georgia? – Motor Voter and acceptance of non-citizen ID at the polls

    by D.A. King |

    Oct 23, 2020

    What could go wrong in Georgia? – Motor Voter and acceptance of non-citizen ID at the polls

    D.A. King; 
    D.A. King is president of the Dustin Inman Society

    Two years ago today, IAG ran a short column here from this writer that began with “the driver’s license Georgia issues to non-citizens – including illegal aliens who have already been ordered deported – is acceptable and “proper identification” when casting a ballot.” Amazingly, that statement is as true now as it was then.

    When I voted in Cobb County Wednesday I once again asked the very nice staffer who took my drivers license after asking me for identification if she would have accepted it if it read “limited term” across the top. I had to repeat myself and it was clear she had never heard that description before.

    When I made my question clear, she replied that they accept any and all Georgia drivers licenses. Even if they have “LIMITED TERM” across the top. Her supervisor confirmed the answer to my question.

    For those who haven’t read or re-read the 2018 column, the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services (DDS) issues non-citizens drivers licenses and ID Cards that vary from the ones issued to U.S. citizens only in wording across the top reading “LIMITED TERM.” It should be noted that in addition to legitimate guest workers and foreign students this includes a variety of illegal aliens who have been issued a work-permit. It should also be noted that non-citizens – of any immigration status – are not supposed to vote in Georgia.

    “Limited Term” Driver’s License
    So why doesn’t state law make it clear that the default driving and ID credentials only given to aliens cannot legally be used or accepted at the polls? The weak and quiet answer to that question is usually that non-citizens cannot legally register to vote so we shouldn’t concern ourselves with details on voter’s ID offered at the ballot box.

    Considering the “Motor Voter” automatic registration system now implemented in Georgia it seems fair to ask for a belt and suspenders on this one.

    The left-tilted GPB reported Georgia’s “motor voter law,” in February with “which means when you go to the DMV, the Department of Driver Services, and do any sort of anything, your voter registration is updated.”

    “Georgia led the country in the next number of those motor voter interactions with well over 3.5 million. The number of people registered in Georgia increased by nearly a million voters from 2014 to 2018 according to the GPB report.

    What could go wrong, right? We point to a 2019 Pew report on California Motor Voter as one example: “But DMV officials later found more than 100,000 registration errors in the first year, including some voters registered to the wrong party. And at least one noncitizen (state officials still are investigating how many in total) was accidentally signed up — a significant error since non-citizens aren’t allowed to vote.”

    Outgoing state Rep. Jeff Jones (R-St. Simons Island) dropped legislation (HB270) at the beginning of the 2019 General Assembly session that would have excluded the drivers license issued to foreigners from the state law on proper identification presented to poll workers. The legislation had an impressive list of cosponsors but never saw so much as a hearing. Thank you for trying, Rep. Jones.

    Another needed fix is changing the default state ID credentials issued to foreigners to clearly illustrate the non-citizen status (not to mention legal/illegal immigration status).

    We hope the legislature does this simple fix in 2021. Change the laws.

    Non-citizen ID should not be “proper ID” at Georgia polls.


  • 12-Oct-2020 10:06 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Camden County Republican Party hosted a TRUMP "Land Yacht" (golf cart) parade in historic downtown Saint Marys, GA

    Watch the parade

  • 01-Oct-2020 9:48 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



    Camden County GA Republican Party, Inc.

    Kingsland, GA

    1 October, 2020



    Where Did $8.5M Go Before May 2018 - When it Was Discovered Funds Missing at the Camden PSA?


    The Official Code of Georgia (“OCGA”) Section 36-81-7 requires that local governments shall provide for, and cause to be made, an annual audit of the financial affairs and activities for each fiscal year. Annual audits are required according to the local law that created the Camden County Public Services Authority (“PSA”).  Prior to 2018, the previous audit of the Camden County PSA occurred in 2003.  


    A PSA Board meeting was held September 30, to accommodate an in-person review by the Macon based auditor (Clifton, Milford, Harrison & Parker) who has examined the misuse of Camden PSA monies prior to 2018.  The short version is that the report revealed that $8.5M in taxpayer monies issued to the PSA is unaccounted for and/or missing.

    This reporting is limited to anecdotal reports of the meeting.  Citizens are encouraged to “be on the look out” for reporting from local media that clarifies the audit report and corrects any inaccuracies that may be listed here.  From notes taken in the meeting, the following, among other issues, was reported:

    • ·       $1.7M possibly still owed in IRS debt
    • ·       $200K in undocumented credit card expenses
    • ·       SPLOST monies issued by the Camden County government to the PSA for projects that were never developed, were not tracked or were not overseen by the issuing county finance department to ensure their compliance or completion
    • ·       Numerous unaccounted expenses in the form of checks written for “cash” was exchanged between the then PSA director and the assistant director

    In June of 2018, the Camden County Republican Party actively sought the draft of a bipartisan resolution to examine this abuse, issuing an initial request for action and grand jury investigation.  Although presented to the local democrat party, who declined to participate, the clearly nonpartisan issue was carried for all the taxpayers of Camden County by the Camden GOP who released three ongoing resolutions to demand justice.   District Attorney, Jackie Johnson responded the first resolution allowing the grand jury to examine the abuse.  The grand jury recommended change legislation to the local legislative team: Rep Steven Sainz (180), HR James Corbett (174) and Senator William Ligon who responded introducing HB681 in the 2019 legislative session requesting reorganization of the PSA board, increased citizen board member representation and mandatory audit requirements.

    Link to HB681:

    Following approval of HB681 by the voters, the PSA board reorganized in January 2020, from the former chartering arrangement of the three mayors and two county commissioners to three elected or staff representatives from the three cities and three citizen resident representatives.  St Marys Council continued to allow St Marys to be represented by Mayor John Morrissey who had served on the previous board.  Additionally, the reorganization allowed for one county commissioner and two citizen representatives from the county.  Appointment of Commissioner, Lannie Brant was followed by the commissioners selecting the citizen representative post from among their own, Commissioner Ben Casey, to fill the seat thus failing to fulfill the intent of HB681. 

    The Camden County GOP has been impressed with the new management of the PSA and recognize positive changes are being made.  The GOP is confident in the leadership of PSA Director Joey Caison and respects the newly formed board sought an in-person audit review to examine past abuses.  The GOP also appreciates the diligence and determination of Detective Chuck Byerly of the Camden County Sheriff’s office who surpassed the efforts of the weak GBI investigation and sought answers, transparency and accountability. While charges are pending to arrested parties, the case was turned over to the Waycross Judicial Circuit where court business is currently limited due to COVID19 restrictions.

    This communication is NOT considered an official report but encourages interested parties to be ACTIVE citizens in seeking continued resolution and correction with respect to any activities involving the expenditures of taxpayer dollars and delivery of services to Camden County and our citizens.  Please follow up on local news accounts, VOTE for the most qualified candidates, and contact board, council and commission members and other related elected officials for accurate data and documentation.



    Media contact:   Carla Davis


















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    A Trump Boat Flotilla will be leaving Howard Gilman Waterfront Park in St Marys for Fernandina at 9AM, September 26th.  Voter Registration, GOP Membership Drive, and Republican Women's Club will sponsor events in the Park from 9am to 12pm.   For further information regarding Trump Boat Flotilla contact Jerre Brumbelow at 912-882-3512. 

  • 02-Sep-2020 7:59 AM | Anonymous

    Camden County is updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan to better protect the people and property of the region.  By completing survey, you are participating in the planning process! 

    Please visit to find out more and click on the survey link. Please share this link with friends or neighbors.

  • 01-Sep-2020 6:00 PM | Anonymous

    Doug Collins event at Howard Gilman Waterfront Park in St Marys on September 1st at 6:00pm.  Click here for more information or email

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